4 Options For Your Broken Laptop

If you have an old broken laptop sitting around and taking up space, you might not know what to do with it. No matter what, try to avoid throwing it in the trash. Trashed electronics just end up sitting in already overfilled landfills, causing harmful chemicals to leak into the ground and harm the environment. Instead of tossing your old laptop, try one of these four ideas:

Try Selling It Online

Even though your laptop isn't working, you may be able to sell it locally by advertising online. Someone who knows how to repair laptops may want to buy it and fix it up, or someone may be interested in purchasing it for the parts.

To protect your identity and security, be sure to completely wipe the hard drive, removing any lingering personal data, before you sell your computer. Don't forget to transfer and backup all of your data before completing this step. It's always a good idea to have documents, photos, and other data stored on a computer or external drive, as well as backed up digitally on the cloud. 

Find an Electronics Recycler

If you're unable or uninterested in selling it, be sure to find a reputable electronics recycler (additional info here) to responsibly dispose of your old laptop. Electronics recycling companies make sure that the components of your laptop are recycled into new products instead of being trashed. In some cases, electronics recyclers will even pay you for your old laptop.

Repurpose It

If you are handy and good at DIY projects, there are tons of cool ideas online for repurposing your old laptop into something else. Some old laptops can be refashioned into a tablet, an external monitor for another laptop, or a home theater projector. Some people have even turned their old laptops into a light table for drawing.

Use it as a Wifi Extender

If your old laptop has some problems but still runs, you can probably turn it into a wifi extender by following steps found online. Once you do so, your wifi will reach much further, which is really helpful if currently you get a good wifi signal near the router but a weak signal in other parts of your house.

There's no reason to trash your old broken laptop. By utilizing one of these options for your old laptop, you can make some money, save it from a landfill, or even create a cool new gadget.

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