Contractor Building You A New Home? Tips On Recycling All Your Leftovers

If a contractor is building a new home for you, they will likely have leftovers when they get finished, such as the building materials. Instead of throwing these things into a pile and hauling them away to a landfill, do your part in helping the environment by recycling and reusing what you can. Below are some tips on how you can do this.

Reuse It

Stones, Bricks, and Tiles

If you have leftover stones or bricks, use them to create a walking path in the yard. If there are leftover tiles, use them as a back splash in your kitchen. You can also use tiles to make coasters.

If your house is brick and you have many bricks left over, you can use them as an edging to a flower garden. This not only makes the flower garden look nice, but keeps weeds from growing into it. You could also use the bricks to build a fire pit in your yard. Bricks also make a nice path walkway in your yard, or you can use them to build a small patio area.

Leftover Wood

There are an endless number of things you can do with leftover wood. For example, you could build a storage unit or a bookshelf, use small pieces to make some picture frames, or a trellis for your garden. If you have untreated wood, you can use it for firewood.

Leftover Paint

If you have paint left over, store it so you can use it again for another project. Remove the lid, and cover the opening with plastic wrap. Put the lid back on until it is secure. This will give it an even tighter seal than if you just used the lid. You can also use it for smaller projects, such as repainting an old chair or dresser.

Paint the inside of drawers for a pop of color when they are opened. Use a light color, as this will make it easier to see into the back of the drawer. You could also paint flowerpots or garden markers for your garden.

If you still have leftover items, talk with the construction company, who will be glad to take them off your hands for you. They can likely use these things in future building projects. You could also take them to a recycling center yourself or donate them to someone. Click here to learn more from a go to site.

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