Tornado Damage In Your Neighborhood? How You And Your Neighbors Can Ban Together To Get Everything Cleaned Up

After a tornado hits and everything is in disarray, this can be very overwhelming to everyone in the neighborhood. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help get everything back together again. One way you can do this is for you and your neighbors to ban together to start the cleanup process.

Rent Recycle Bins and Portable Roll-Off Dumpsters

Everyone of your neighbors will have things that they need to throw away after the tornado, and some of these things will be recyclable. Rent a recycle bin and a portable roll-off dumpster. Place them in areas where everyone can have easy access to them, such as along the street, if possible. Ask the dumpster rental company what items you can throw into their dumpsters and recycle bins.

They will bring the recycle bins and dumpsters to your area and set them up where you need them. When they are full, the dumpster company will come and pick them up for you. This makes it much easier on everyone.

Use Roll-Off Dumpsters with Sides

You will have large items that will be hard for one person to carry and place into the dumpster. For this reason, make sure you ask for a dumpster that has a side that you can lower. This will create a ramp making it easier to slide heavy things into the dumpster. You need to place the large items in first, and then throw everything else on top of them. Ask your neighbors to come together to help move these large items. You should also consider renting a dolly to help you roll these items onto the ramps. The dumpster company may have dollies you can rent.

Remove the Dumpsters as Soon as They Are Full

When the dumpsters become full, immediately call the dumpster rental company to come and pick them up. If you do not, pests may get into the dumpsters, especially if there is rotting trash in them. This could be things like flies and mosquitoes, as well as varmints, such as mice and rats. To help with this problem, ask for dumpsters that have lids on them to minimize this risk until they can pick them up for you.

You can choose from 10 to 40 yard roll off dumpsters. Contact the dumpster rental company, such as Waconia Roll-Off Service, and tell them what you are using the dumpster for. They can then suggest the best size for your needs. 

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