3 Reasons To Sell Your Junk Car To A Recycling Facility

If you have a junk car sitting in your driveway that you have not driven in a long time, what is stopping you from scrapping it? Selling your unwanted car to a car recycling company is easy to do, and it is also the best thing you could do. Here are three reasons you should consider selling your car to a recycling facility soon.

You will get cash for it

When you sell your car to a scrap yard, they will pay you cash for the car. The amount you will receive depends on the going rate for scrap, but you are likely to get more if you bring your car to the yard instead of having them pick it up from your house.

Junk cars contain a lot of steel, and it is the steel junkyards are after. Steel is a commodity, which means the prices fluctuate. Most scrap yards base the price they pay for junk cars on the value of steel at the time. No matter how much you get for your car, it will be more than you had before you sold it.

You can avoid contaminating the ground

When a car is parked and is not being driven, it poses risks to the environment. Cars contain a variety of different chemicals, including transmission fluid, oil, and coolant. When these solutions leak out of a car, they can end up contaminating the ground and water.

After selling your junk car to a scrap yard, they will remove all the fluids from the car. They will send the fluids to recycling facilities, and you will not have to worry about contamination.

It will help the environment

Steel is the primary material used to make cars, and steel is a product that is made primarily of iron ore, which is a natural resource. According to research, approximately 86% of the materials used to make cars can be recycled and turned into new products. By leaving your car in your driveway, you will not be helping the environment at all. On the other hand, when you scrap your car, it can be disassembled and turned into new, useful products.

Selling a junk car is easy and fast, and it offers a good way to keep the environment safe. If you have a junk car you would like to sell, contact a company like TVM Recycling that specializes in junk car recycling to find out how much your car is worth.

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