Tips For Recycling Copper Wire

If you've started collecting metals in your spare time for recycling, you'll want to collect wiring too for the copper it contains. Copper is a valuable metal, so you earn more for it, although it may take time to gather enough to make a run to a buyer worthwhile. Here are some tips for recycling copper wire.

Find The Right Copper Wire Buyer

The price you'll get for copper fluctuates along with the current prices on the market. You'll want to get as much money as you can, but several factors come into play that determine your profits. If there are multiple copper wire buyers in your area, call them to learn about their policies. Some may strip the wire while others may not. Knowing their regulations ahead of time helps you choose the buyer that fits in with the way you recycle so you get the most money for your efforts.

Decide If You Want To Strip The Wire

If you remove the insulation from the wire yourself, you'll usually get more money per pound. However, the problem is that stripping the wiring is difficult, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous when you do it by hand. If your local buyer only accepts stripped wiring, then you won't have a choice, but if the buyer accepts wiring with the insulation still on, then you'll have to decide what to do. Compare the cost you get for stripped wiring against the cost of wiring with insulation on it. You may find the extra money you get for stripping the wiring isn't worth all the work it takes.

Separate Types Of Copper

You always want to separate copper from other metals when you take it to a scrap yard. Copper is too valuable to get paid a bulk metal price for it. However, you also need to separate the types of copper so you get paid the highest amount for your most valuable copper. Copper wire that's still in excellent shape and that has a shiny appearance is worth the most money. Wiring that's tarnished or painted is worth less.

Follow Copper Prices

Store your copper wiring in a safe place as you collect it. While you're gathering enough wiring to sell or while you're working on stripping it if you plan to, follow the price of copper. You'll probably want to hold on to the wiring until you have several pounds of it so your trips to the buyer are efficient. By following the price of copper over months, you'll know when it's a good time to sell for the highest price.

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