The 4 Most Common Types of Steel

When people talk about steel, you generally only hear them talk about stainless steel or just regular steel. In fact, there are thousands of different types of steel. However, there are actually a few different types of steel that dominate the market. Here are 4 common types of steel.

Carbon Steel

The most common type of steel on the market is carbon steel. The amount of carbon within the steel can vary, leading to three subclassifications of low, medium, and high carbon steel. The most common of the three types of carbon steel is low carbon steel. Low carbon steel tends to be a little easier to shape and mold. The next most common type of carbon steel is medium carbon steel, which is stronger than low carbon steel but is still easy enough to work with. 

High carbon steel is not that common because it is really hard to work with, but it is extremely strong. High carbon steel is used more for tools than it is for building purposes.  

Alloy Steel 

Alloy steel is actually made out of a variety of different elements. Alloy steel contains alloy elements, such as nickel, chromium, manganese, and silicon. The addition of other allows can give this type of steel unique properties such as corrosion resistance or extra strength. This type of steel is most often used in auto parts, airplanes, and even space crafts.  

Stainless Steel 

Then there is stainless steel, which many people are familiar with. Stainless steel is made to be able to resist corrosion and usually have a nice, reflective finish. Stainless steel also stands up well under hot temperatures, which is why you see stainless used for appliances such as stoves.  

There are actually over a hundred different types or grades of stainless steel, and it is just as recyclables as other types of steel.  

Tool Steel

Finally, there is tool steel, which is strengthened with elements such as molybdenum and tungsten and is used exclusively for crafting really strong tools.  

The most amazing thing about steel is that it is completely recyclable. You can recycle steel without it losing any of its strength. That is why steel is such a popular scrap metal, and why you should make sure any steel your business produces doesn't go to the trash. You can learn more about recycling scraps of steel and potentially making a profit by contacting local industrial scrap metal pickup services.

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