Six Major Benefits Of Recycling Grease

If your restaurant is not yet taking advantage of grease recycling, it's time you became aware of the numerous advantages that this procedure offers restaurant operations.

The following are six major benefits of recycling grease. 

Recycling grease minimizes the amount of waste that a restaurant produces.

A busy commercial kitchen can produce a good deal of waste grease. Grease greatly contributes to the total amount of waste that a kitchen produces. When grease is recycled, commercial kitchen operations produce significantly less waste. 

Recycling grease shows that your business is doing its part to take care of the environment.

The health of the environment is an issue of increasing importance to the general public. Many customers prefer to buy from companies that are socially responsible and are doing what they can to protect the environment.

Recycling grease is a way that your company can show its commitment to the environment and potentially enjoy some good PR among prospective customers as a result. 

Recycling grease is generally less expensive than disposing of it.

If you are throwing your waste grease away, you have to pay for disposal costs. However, you will find that recycling waste grease is significantly less expensive than paying disposal costs. This makes recycling waste grease a good way to save money on overhead costs at a restaurant operation. 

Recycling grease can protect a restaurant's plumbing and sewer system.

Fats, oils, grease, and solids (FOGs) that collect in a kitchen grease trap can wreak havoc on the plumbing and sewer systems of a restaurant.

Regularly having these substances removed and recycled keeps plumbing and sewer fixtures in the best possible shape and minimizes repair and maintenance costs. 

Recycling grease can prevent downtime in the kitchen.

Recycling grease can prevent clogs in commercial kitchen sinks, drains, and pipes. These clogs cause kitchen malfunctions that put plumbing fixtures temporarily out of order.

If you recycle grease, you minimize the chances that clogs will develop. This will help you to avoid downtime and keep your kitchen facilities more productive. 

Recycling grease is good for the economy.

As a restaurant owner, you can benefit the local economy in your area by recycling your grease. You can partner with a recycling company that will generate revenue from the grease you recycle.

This will allow you to benefit both your company and others in the area. It will also expand your network of business contacts. Contact a grease recycling service for more information. 

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