Six Things To Consider When Finding A Service That Will Take Your Recycled Copper

If you find that you have some scrap copper leftover from a project, it's important to find a copper recycling service that will give you a good amount for it. Copper is valuable as scrap metal, but there are a few considerations you'll want to take into account when choosing a service to use to recycle your scrap.

The following are six things to consider when finding a service that will take your recycled copper. 

The amount of money the service will give you for your copper

Different recycling services will often offer slightly different amounts for scrap copper. Remember that copper is among the most valuable scrap metals. This means that you should get considerably more for scrap copper than you would get from another type of scrap metal of lesser value, such as aluminum. 

The current market value of scrap copper

It's a good idea to find out what the current market price for scrap copper is before you decide on a copper recycling service to work with. Once you know the market price, you will have a better idea of how much you should be getting for your copper. 

The method of transportation you'll use to get your copper to the recycling facility

Usually, you will have to transport your scrap metal to the recycling facility yourself. This could be expensive for you. You need to factor the costs of transportation into the total amount you'll get for recycling your copper.

Some copper recycling services may come out to your site and transport your copper for you. This is especially true if you have a particularly large amount of scrap copper available. Discuss the transportation issue with recycling services while deciding which one to work with. 

The preparation work you'll need to do to recycle your copper

Depending on what types of equipment or appliances you're getting your scrap copper from, it might take a considerable amount of work to prepare your copper for recycling. You might have to strip some copper from appliances before you can recycle it. 

Discuss needed preparation work with recycling services you're thinking of working with. This way, you'll have a good idea of how much work you'll have to put into recycling your copper. 

The additional materials you may have to recycle

It's possible that you may have other scrap metals and materials that you want to recycle along with your copper. If this is the case, it's a good idea to look into how much you can get for these other materials when deciding which recycling service to work with. 

The proximity of the service to your location

Location is an important consideration. You want to choose a recycling service with a location that is not too far from you. This could help minimize the time and money you'll have to put into transportation. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a copper recycling service near you.

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