Free Or Cheap Metal Sources For Scrap Metal Recycling Ventures

Scrap metal recycling has become a pretty popular hobby for many people who are just looking to make a few extra dollars by selling any scrap they can collect. However, for those who choose to take the process a little bit more seriously, there can be some consistent money in it if you know where to look. The key is to acquire scrap metal at low or no cost so that you are making almost exclusively profit aside from your time. Here's a look at some of the places that you can check to acquire scrap metal 

Local Colleges 

At the end of the semester, many college students (especially graduating students) move out and go back home. In those situations, they often leave behind things that they don't need, don't want, or don't have room for. Since metal-framed furniture is popular in college dorms, you're likely to find a lot of scrap metal left at the curbs in the dormitory areas as well as on sorority row. Check these areas at the end of each semester to collect any discarded metal, but make sure that the school is okay with you picking up scrap first.

Freecycle Sites

Many times, unwanted or broken appliances and electronics are listed on freecycle sites for those who wish to either repair them or use them for parts. There are many different freecycle sites to frequent for listings, and social media groups for your area can be beneficial too. Follow these listings regularly to get appliances and other equipment that you can harvest metal out of.

Local Farms

Many farms use metal posts and metal fencing wire for their pastures and gates. When they replace those fences and gates, the old metal components are often set aside and left to rust. Talk with the farm owner about harvesting the old metal (even if in exchange for a small payment) so that you can recycle it. 

Businesses (Especially During Remodels)

Businesses often have a lot of metal components, including shelving and hanging fixtures. Sometimes, those things are replaced, especially during a store remodel. You'll find that many crews will simply dispose of the racks if they won't be used again, so talk with the crew and the business owner to see if you can harvest all of the unwanted metal.

Things like this are a great way to gather discarded metal at little to no cost. Then, you can take it to a local metal recycling facility after you sort it out by metal type.

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