The Benefits Of Using A Used Oil Collection Service

Does your business go through a significant amount of used oil every month or year? If you are letting the used oil sit on your premises until it builds up before deciding what to do with it, there might be a better way to go about things. Today, it's possible to use a recycling service that specializes in used oil collection. Here's why you might want to make use of such a service to ensure that all used oil on your property is properly disposed of on a regular basis.

Keep It Out of the Local Community 

When you have oil building up on your premises, you run the risk of some of it being disposed of in a way that it should not be. Specifically, you don't want your used oil to end up contaminating the local environment. Used oil ending up in a landfill, a local waterway, or anywhere else in the community is going to cause a problem. It will also damage your reputation in said community if the oil that was not properly disposed of is traced back to your company.

Reduce Environmental Footprint Through Conservation

Is your business interested in doing what it can to keep its environmental footprint low? When you recycle your used oil, you are helping to conserve natural resources and provide energy savings as well. That's because recycling oil keeps oil refineries from having to extract more natural oil from the earth. Furthermore, the process behind refining used oil will use less energy than the amount needed to refine fresh crude.

Re-Use or Sell Your Recycled Oil

In some cases, you may be able to find an oil recycler who will provide your own used oil back to you in recycled form. You can use this oil for other purposes or you may be able to turn around and re-sell it yourself to some other business if you have a large supply of it. Either way, you will once again be doing your part to help keep more natural oil in the earth by encouraging the re-circulation and re-use of recycled oil.

Don't Get in Trouble With the Law

That stockpile of used oil you have on your property that you don't know what to do with? It will be more than just the local community that is upset if some of it does contaminate the local land or water. You might face stiff fines or other penalties from local, state, or federal officials. Recycling your used oil makes sure you stay in compliance with all applicable laws for your business.

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