Paper Recycling - Regeneration Steps That Will Cut Costs On Paper Products

If you are ready to cut costs associated with the amount of paper products that you purchase, learn how commercial paper is recycled. Commercial paper recycling offers business owners a cost-effective way to acquire copy paper, file cards, envelopes, and other essential paper products.

Recycling Paper

Recycling paper saves valuable resources. Electricity and water consumption are decreased during the recycling process. Recycling generates less pollution and waste. Paper products that have been repurposed are sold for a fraction of the cost that new paper is sold for.

Products That Are Repurposed

  • paperboard materials
  • mailers
  • office products
  • newsprint
  • magazines
  • pamphlets

Collection Policies

A recycling service will require paper products to be picked up at the point of origin or dropped off at a recycling facility. A full-service recycling business will supply a collection bin and will schedule times to pick up paper products.

A company that offers recycling will outline how the process works. There may be a baseline amount of paper that must be accumulated. Once this amount has been met, a client can schedule a time to have the paper products picked up. 

Sorting And Shredding

Once paper arrives at a recycling center, it is sorted and shredded. Different chemicals are used to recycle various grades of paper. Glossy paper products will be recycled differently than non-lustrous paper products. Before paper is sent to a paper mill, it is shredded and bundled.


Once paper arrives at a mill, the paper scraps are added to a large vessel that contains water and chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide are a couple of the chemicals that are used to remove contaminants from paper.

During the soaking process, paper scraps will be transformed into a pulp. Any staples, tape, or other materials that were attached to paper products will be removed during the soaking process.


Paper pulp is transferred to a large tank. Air bubbles and chemicals are added to the tank. The bubbles and chemicals will remove ink from paper materials. Recycled paper is used to make undyed and dyed products. If colored paper is being produced, a dye agent will be added to the pulp.

Paper Production

The final part of the recycling process will involve using machinery to prepare various paper sizes and thicknesses. Once the paper has been manufactured, the recycled materials will be packaged and sent to distributors. The recycled paper products will be just as durable as brand-new paper products.

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